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In Infinicrypt, take control of one of 3 mighty heroes to vanquish an evil as old as time. Dodge attacks, slay monsters, and collect items in this bullet-hell action roguelike!

Thanks go out to my team members Jake, Steven, and Marcus for working with me this semester!

THIS IS AN EARLY ACCESS BUILD!!! More enemies, bosses and items are yet to be added!


Infinicrypt.exe 57 MB

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Hi! I just played your game and I think it is fantastic! Are you planning on adding more to the game later? I would love to see more variety and some possible changes. I am posting my review on youtube sheanstanks. I had some suggestions for the game. I would love to see some future updates! knowing that you plan to add more features encourages me to donate for the project! :) Amazing game!

Sorry I didn't reply sooner, I was amazed that anyone outside of my class had seen the game, let alone made a video on it. After taking the holidays off, I'm excited to get back into it. What kind of suggestions do you have?

hahaha I love the game idea! I think you should keep going with what you originally said you would improve: enemy variety, trap variety, etc. I think the trap segments are kind of long and they should perhaps be separate from the monster rooms? I’m not sure what you think of that but it adds a freshness to each room and it keeps the gameplay rolling. Esc should not close the game hahahah this ruined a couple runs. I didn’t know that squib meant it was a garbage spell. I thought it was interesting but ultimately I would default to wizard because the difference between the mage and the physical characters was power ups vs skills, it’s possible I just didn’t get very far though with the physical characters.